Play For all

Here at Geek me 5 we believe that “Life is a huge playing field and everyone is a player”.

It’s no secret that mobile devices are the most accessible games platform on the planet and that’s why we have developed free and affordable games specifically for them.

At the touch of a button you decide where you play, when and with whom, anyone can play whether you’re a beginner or a gaming wiz!

Add in dazzling HD images, a, easy UI and a strong community element, games on mobile devices have made and continue to make their mark in the gaming world, for us it’s where we want to be now and in the future, together as players.

Creative Alchemy

We believe that there are no barriers between creative genres, it’s all about entertainment.
That is why we have brought together an exceptional pool of talents from different worlds to create our games.

Our special recipe is made up of passionate, i maginative people from game development, advertising, and animated film production.
We have blended these ingredients together and mixed them with a passion for creativity.

As we believe that diversity breeds originality, we want to continue to work with the most inspiring and innovative experts
in their respective domains to bring you the highest-quality gaming experience possible.

Julien Bagnol Kast

Studio Director

Co-founder of the animation studio « SupamonkS » with Peyo, Landouz and Zwib, “Kast” has been working in 3D animation and film direction for 10 years. For Fire Quest he is overseeing the executive production of all graphic assets for the game.

Florian Landouzy Lan12

Animation Director

Co-founder of the animation studio « SupamonkS » with Peyo, Kast and Zwib, Lan12 has directed a multitude of projects over the last 10 years with his team mates. For Fire Quest, Florian is managing the character animation.

Pierre de Cabissole Peyo

Production Director

Co-founder of the animation studio « SupamonkS » with Landouz, Kast and Zwib, Peyo has worked in the industry for more than 8 years. Together they’ve produced more than 100 films inclusing the latest campaigns for “Raving Rabbids” and the fast-food chain “Quick”. For Fire Quest Pierre is coordinating the graphic design team.

Sébastien Hô Zwib

Technical Director

Co-founder of the animation studio « SupamonkS » with Kast, Landouz and Peyo, Zwib has been technical director on all the studio’s projects for the last 7 years. For Fire Quest Zwib and his team put into place all the tools and processes necessary to integrate the images into the game.

Guillaume du Boucher

President, co-founder & investor

Entrepreneur and passionate about online video games, Guillaume has worked in a variety of industries such as video game production, real estate and start-up companies. His goal is that Geek me 5 becomes a worldwide company.

Alexis Vezia

Creative Director & co-founder

Entrepreneur, creative and gamer himself, Alexis’s fervour for gaming came from playing with his son. Fire Quest was born from his desire to create a new community of players looking for a game which united the best aspects of existing ones. Passionate about creativity and the stakes of mobile-gaming at large, the adventure Fire Quest started in 2013 and since then the fire has never stopped burning!

Fabrice Simon


Illustrator for over 20 years, Fabrice’s drawings are the origin of the characters from Fire Quest. Working hand-in-hand with the animation studio, he has seen his characters leave the pages of his drawing book to become full 3D animated creatures on screen.

Yann Dacquay

Marketing Director & co-founder

Entrepreneurial and creator of several companies over the last 20 years, Yann is also an expert in advergaming and serious games. He has worked for numerous clients (Coca-Cola, GDFSuez, L’Oreal, Crédit Agricole…) and also as an editor ( for all types of games – from mini flash games right up to Unity 3D.

Fred Makoowiecki

co-founder & investor

Fred is a professional racing car driving for Porsche and so knows all about managing risks and committing himself 100% to the road ahead. That’s why he invested in Geek me 5 and the Fire Quest project, quite simply because he believes in it. He knows what it’s like to live extraordinary adventures and believes this is going to be another one.

Alexis Garat

Game Designer

Himself a gamer for more than 15 years, Alexis G started working on Fire Quest with Alexis V in 2013, using his personal experience and desires combined with what other players want, to shape a game with the whole package.


Identifying Talent

From whatever domain they have come from, if our team members are passionate about making projects happen and highly skilled in what they bring to the table, then we want to work with them.

Having Dreams

We believe you don’t have to belong to a huge corporation to make things happen and make dreams come to life. We are proof that a vision can become reality through hard work, the right collaborations and the just the right dose of crazy.

Laughing it out

We know the rigour that creating games demands but we also know that having a laugh along the way solves problems, disperses tensions and helps you get out of bed in the morning to come to work.

The Bigger Picture

We want to produce the best games out there but for us this is just the starting point. Our ambition is that our games’ characters and adventures live beyond mobile devices to entertain our fans in the most diverse forms possible.